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Visual Graphic Arts & Digital Painting

Painting, drawing, sculpting and even photography contain within each category a variety of different methods and media that create different effects and different works of art. Art that is produced depends solely on the genre the artist is trying to cater to. Water coloring and oil painting are popular ways art is created. The finished work can be completely different from other products depending on the texture of the surface. The type of paint brush can have a direct effect on how the art may turn out. Click to find out more about Digital Painting website.

Drawing provides many outlets for visual graphic art in media. Many artist may utilize ink and pencil for many drawings but also explore pastels, chalk, markers and charcoal to enhance their art. Almost any surface can provide a background for different drawings.

Materials artist may use to sculpt on may be comprised of wood, stone, clay, ice sand and metal. The processes used in sculpting depend on the media being used. Carefully subtracting or carving wood is important when sculpting wood. When carving wood, marble or stone, it is important to use the process of subtraction.

Clay and ceramics have to be constantly tampered with in order to be molded in the preferred shape or form. Successful clay modeling can be achieved through the process of manipulation when sculpting.

Utilizing diverse materials to add to a sculpture is the process of addition. Combining an assortment of pieces to complete art work is often used with metal sculptures. Sand is a great example of the process of addition because sand is added in order to create and finish the art. Substitution is also used in sculpting, where one material is substituted by another, often used in environmental sculpture and sculptures made from recycled material.

Color and Black and white photography is a popular concept. The same photograph taken in color or in black and white can appear very different, as black and white photography tends to show the light and its effect with more contrast than color photography does. Through analog and digital media artists are able to include unique effects; film photography enhances a photo while preserving natural values. Paper choice for a photo can significantly effect the final product.

Diverse types of media have a direct effect on the way the final project may look. It is important to review the different types of visual graphic art media to find what is right for the artist. There are no rules to producing breathtaking art pieces using graphic media. That’s the beauty of art – it can be experimental, innovative and of course must be creative.